About Us

Our Story

What started out as friends having wine on the beach, and the occasional beer, has turned out to be an exciting new direction in the midst of loss.

It was all about relaxing, enjoying a good sunset, great conversation and a lot of laughs.  Two couples to begin with, Bob and Betsy, and Greg and Sabra.   But then they began inviting others to join them in the ritual.   It went on in obscurity, then one day a text was sent.  "Wanna WOTB?"  Before they knew it, WOTB and BOTB were a thing, and many people were participating.  

In mid-2017, the joys of WOTB were temporarily interrupted due to Bob’s untimely passing. As family and friends gathered to say their goodbyes, memories were shared and there was much laughter. And despite the circumstance, there was also a little bit of WOTB and BOTB.  

Betsy's sister, Stephanie and her husband Jeff headed back to California after Bob's memorial, thinking that WOTB and BOTB were less about the beach, and more about the experience of enjoying time together with people you love and like being with. They decided to "do WOTB" on their patio. (yes, they knew it wasn't the beach, but it didn't seem to matter, it was still "WOTB").  Enjoying the experience, Stephanie eventually invited friends over for BOTB. After telling friends the story of WOTB and BOTB, she realized that there was much enthusiasm around the concept.  She kept thinking to herself, "There's something authentic here!"  So she put her business hat on and reached out to Betsy and Sabra. And before they knew it, two lifestyle brands and 3 Wine Chicks, L.L.C. was born! 

We are extremely excited to share it with the world! As part of our legacy, Bob played a significant role in the creation of WOTB / BOTB.  Bob was a Navy Veteran who served with honor. That’s why we have chosen to honor him by donating $1 for each product we sell to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Thanks for making it all the way through our story, we just have one question for you.

Wanna WOTB or do you Wanna BOTB? :)

All our best and Cheers!

Betsy, Stephanie and Sabra - The 3 Wine Chicks