Cold be worse, we could be out of wine!

Who would have thought we would be right in the middle of preparing to launch 3 Wine Chicks and Hurricane Irma would blow in?  

Headed right for our little barrier island in Florida it was time to pack it up and head north to get out of Irma's path.  She'd already done so much damage, reports were it could be worse for us.  

So what do you pack for a hurricane?  The wine of course!  And all the WOTB and BOTB product that we'd gotten in so far.  Starting a business is hard enough, I didn't want to lose everything we'd been working for!

After a long drive to Birmingham and a good stay with family, word was that our homes were safe!  Sabra would come back from Texas, I would be able to come back from Alabama, and we didn't have any damage at all to speak of.  

Most of the wine survived too, but I'l admit even we were enjoy some wine with family inland.  My brother also took me to a grand opening of little out of the way craft brewery too!

Thanks for skipping our little piece of Florida Irma.  


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